Michelin Red Guide 2006 New York City: Hotels & Restaurants

If this restaurant looks familiar, it may be because you saw it in the first episode of the popular HBO series The Sopranos, part of which was filmed here. A large reproduction of the imposing portrait of Frederico da Montefeltro, erstwhile duke of Urbino, dominates the brick wall of the dining room (the original, painted by Piero della Francesca in 1645, is on display in Florence).
The rest of the lovely room boasts stately columns, antique tapestries, and large, curtained windows in front. Overseen by chef/owner Sergio Acappella, the kitchen turns out carefully prepared Northern Italian dishes, including homemade pastas. At the end of your meal, enjoy a complimentary glass of grappa.

Zagat Survey 2006

“Absolutely fabulous food” and “Oscar-worthy performances” from an “extremely attentive” staff light up this “dark” yet “elegant” TriBeCa Italian; yes, it can “make an expense account blush”, but at least the signature “wicked” postprandial grappa’s free.

Zagat Survey 2005

“Fantastic” Northern Italian food provides the grace notes at this “dark” TriBeCa “cocoon” known for its “gratis grappa cart” and a tuxedo staff “so attentive they’ll catch your napkin before it hits the floor “; in short, expect to “feel like royalty”, so long as “money is no object.”

Zagat Survey 2004

Though not as widely known as it deserves to be, this “dark, romantic” TriBeCa Northern Italian “strikes high notes” with its “amazing” classic dishes and “attentive” black-tie staff; not surprisingly for a such a “special-occasion” haven, it has high tabs, but at least the “spine-tingling” gratis grappa will leave one “warbling.”

Zagat Survey 2003

An aria to “leisurely”, “old-style” dining complete with a “doting” “tuxedoed” staff, this “romantic” TriBeCa hits the upper registers with “rich”, “reliable” Northern Italian dishes, “nonstop” service and alto prices; all in all, it’s “intoxicating”, especially with “complimentary grappa” as an encore.

Zagat Survey 2002

Warblers have “something to sing about” at this “underrated” TriBeCa Northern Italian renowned
for its “over-the-top” service and high-“quality” meals polished off with “potent” “homemade grappa”; sure, you’ll “feel like royalty”, but be ready to “spend a bundle.”

Zagat Survey 2001

Surveyors sing the praises of this “dark, romantic” TriBeCa Northern Italian where the food hits high notes and “the waiters do everything but eat it for you”; though the tab is a bit steep, it’s “worth the trip Downtown”, specially for a “clandestine affair.”

Zagat Survey 2000

Overlooked” but “one of the better Downtown places”, this “romantic” Tribeca Northern Italian has “superattentive” service and “delicious food” the tab hits “too high a note” for some, but it’s in tune with the quality.

Zagat Survey 1999

“They ‘wait on you hand to foot’ at this well-rated ‘dark and romantic’ TriBeCa Northern italian restaurant where the ‘wonderful’ food is ‘worth’ the high price.”

Zagat Survey 1998

“The prices are as high as the loft ceiling but the menu is superb”, says reviewers of TriBeCa italian restaurant. “The waiters could not be more attentive.”

Zagat Survey 1997

The Northern Italian fare is “garlicky and delicious” at this “romantic” TriBeCa throwback to “old mob days”; though prices may draw triple takes, most are charmed by the “friendly” waiters.

Zagat Survey 1996

A “welcome addition to Downtown”, this “inventive” Italian newcomer’s “waiters almost act out the menu” in a setting “like a scene from The Godfather”, if only it wasn’t so expensive.”

Zagat Survey 1995

In the attractive space that once housed One Hudson Cafe, this Italian newcomer has set up shop with a surprisingly old-fashioned and pricey menu; although it’s too new to call, it seems too old to believe.

Time Out Magazine (Eating & Drinking 2000)

Part restaurant, part circus, Acappella draws the male Wall Street elite to its brick-walled loft space. Sauces on meats and pastas are rich, and an unusual combination pasta dish allows diners to experience three offerings at once. Veal-lovers have several options, and tasty free tidbits will make everyone happy: chunks of Parmesan dispensed from a huge wheel, or a swallow of the house grappa, made with kumquats, cherries or figs and poured (dramatically) into a chilled snifter. Create your own drama by ordering the ba-nanas flambés, which comes with unconscionable amounts of butter and sugar. Great service makes it easy to sit back and enjoy the Acappella show.

IN New York Magazine

Intimate encounters ensue when light, creamy cheesecake follows Northern Italian Specialtí at this mood-enhancing romantic spot.