Signature Dishes:


Tuna Caviar
Bed of puree avocado topped with cream, chives and fresh glasiar American caviar. Garnish with smoke salmon.

Clams Posillipo
Fresh littleneck clams steamed with fresh basil, garlic and white wine

Shrimp Sardinia
Fresh shrimp and fresh crabmeat wrapped with home made pasta sheets and prepared in a light dijon mustard sauce with dill

Buffalo Mozzarella
With fresh roasted peppers and zucchini, fresh basil and beefsteak tomatoes

Italian cornmeal topped with melted Fontina cheese and wild mushrooms

Oysters alla Rock
Fresh Malpak Oysters on a half shell baked in the fire with white wine, a touch of chopped fresh spinach, topped off with two cheeses lightly under cooked

Mussels Possilipo
Fresh New Zealand mussels steamed, saute with plum tomatoes, white wine, garlic and fresh herbs

Beef Capriccio
Made with fresh Fillet Mignon topped with paper thin shavings of regiano parmigiana cheese and naturals truffle oil

Portobello Mushrooms
Wild, wild Portobello Mushrooms grilled; topped with fresh buffalo mozzarella lightly melted and topped off with natural juices of the Portobello and a touch of truffle oil


Agnolotti Amore
Fresh handmade ravioli stuffed with fresh lobster and prepared with fresh cognac, a touch of fresh plum tomatoes

Rigatoni alla Grappa
Rigatoni prepared with grappa, fresh challets, fresh chopped plums tomatoes and a touch of cream with italian sausage

Fettuccine Acappella
Fresh handmade pasta made with porcini mushrooms, fresh hearts of artichoke, sundrie tomatoes and white wine

Bandiera Italia
A combination of three pastas, fusilli pesto, porpadelle boscaiola and paglia fieno, fresh plum tomatoe and basil

Main Course

Veal Monti
Scaloppini of veal prepared with chestnuts, dry vermouth and a touch of cream

Veal Chop Mt. Etna
Triple cut veal chop grilled and prepared with Italian Cherry Peppers, bell peppers and balsamic vinegar

Lamb Bella Vita
Double cut lamb chop pounded thin lightly breaded then pan fried in extra virgin olive oil, topped with wild mushrooms, cognac and fresh plum tomatoes

Fresh Italian Sea Bass steamed in foil with fresh combination of seafood in a light wine and garlic

Tuna Acqua Pazza
Fresh yellowfin tuna blackened then seared and prepared with scallions, mushrooms and light wine

Veal Chop Cappricciosa
Thinly pounded veal chop prepared in extra, extra virgin olive oil and topped off with fresh arrugula tomatoes and bermuda onions

Pollo Martini
Thinly pounded chicken breast coated with reggiano cheese then prepared in a light white wine

Pollo Alla Sausage
Morsels of chicken and sweet Italian sausage, heart of artichoke, wild mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, cherry peppers,
white wine lemon and garlic

Salmon Tartufo
Fresh Norwegian salmon glazed with black truffles and prepared with wild, wild mushrooms and a touch of cream

Lobster Arrabiata
Fresh 3 ½ lb lobster prepared with fresh Italian herbs and spices, fresh garlic and white wine.